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"Few people have the opportunity to work with a manager that ultimately becomes a phenomenal mentor as well, but I did when I worked for Jenny on a recent Training Consulting project. I was in awe of her ability to command a room and bring people together on ideas and collaborations even with ever changing demands and deliverable with flawless execution and finesse. I'm thrilled to have the pleasure to work with her and grow in my skills. Her delivery and commitment to the client is as the forefront without exception. I very much look forward to opportunities in the future of working with Jenny and the team at Zelus LLC again."

Penny Morgan

Trainer/ID Software/Leadership Development/DiSC CRMs

Salesforce ServiceNow Captivate Content Strategist 

January 29, 2019

Making change happen requires a well-articulated goal, a practical plan to move toward the goal, and flawless execution of every step along the way.  Jenny helps make this a reality so that her clients can provide their own customers with faster answers to their questions and resolutions to the problems they face.  Across Jenny’s career she has helped clients to:

  • Develop a strategic roadmap to take large regional health insurer’s Federal Employee Program (FEP) from under performing to Best of Blue in 2 years. Improved organization performance by 17% in only 6 months and an additional 23% by 12 months. Subsequently led training and skills assessment development efforts of union staff to radically increase first call resolution while reducing training time.

  • Transform the member services function of a nationally known wellness company but improving problem resolution timelines, reducing the need for member contacts by more than 29%, and delivering $20M in cost savings to the organization in less than 6 months.  Supported a rapid 25% membership increase while achieving gains in customer service measures.

  • Launched e-,mail and chat service channels to align the client’s support of its customers with customer expectations.  Radically improved the flow of information and the methods of communication available to service members. Onboarded new support staff and delivered curriculum to teach technical and soft skills. Staff proficiency was reached in less than half the expected learning curve.

  • Led a team of 28 training professionals in successful ramp up of nearly 1000 call center agents in 5-week timeframe to support seasonal open enrollment contact center operations Capacity planning assumed a 65-75% passing rate due to seasonal workforce.  Jenny’s team far outperformed this expectation leading to a significant reduction in implementation costs.

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