Medford School Committee employs the Superintendent and oversees a more than $60 million budget for a school district of more than 4500 children.   In addition to more effective ongoing support for budget management and innovative initiatives, our district needs leadership on several key issues.

Increased, fair funding for our schools

  • I support the Promise Act, as well as other legislation that will correct the funding formula that does provide sufficient funding to operate excellent school districts, and does not keep pace with the state’s funding mechanism for Charter Schools and diverts the lion share of cost to the local municipalities.  

  • Under the current proposed budget, Medford stands to lose more local aid than any community other than Boston in the coming year.  When we learned that the proposed funding for the next year would cause drastic cuts to our school budget, I prepared a petition to the Governor and State legislature, which has been circulated in Medford and on  My goal is to increase awareness of how our schools are funded, and to mobilize families and other stakeholders to hold our state government accountable for funding excellent education for all of our children. If elected, I will continue to collaborate with other stakeholders and groups to advocate for fair school funding.  

Creating a welcoming and informed community through meaningful, proactive, and accessible communications.


  • As a process improvement expert, I see a significant need to improve the way our school district communicates with its students and families, and to be welcoming and accountable to the community it serves.  Our school district has tremendous offerings which should be accessible to current and prospective families and the community.

  • We need to develop our communication policies, our communication strategy and our website, which has not been updated in many year, to be more proactive and assessible.  I frequently lead communication initiatives, and would be excited to tackle this challenge with our school district.  

Develop a comprehensive and holistic approach to address the future of our school buildings.

  • Our high school is in need of significant attention, and all of our buildings need more maintenance than they receive.  As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I know that big problems need plans, phases, and steps.  As a School Committee member, I will volunteer for the facilities subcommittee so that I can lend my expertise to the district in executing on its current capital plan, and developing plans for the future.  My philosophy is that we can never expect change to happen overnight or without careful, and thoughtful attention to the road that leads us there, and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and contribute to this process. 

Support our teachers with the resources they need to
deliver the highest quality education. 

  • This priority will take multiple forms.  As a first example, Medford has a serious issue with making its school supplies last through the year, and the process by which supplies are distributed is not always equitable.  Educators should be allowed to blossom and engage their creativity without having to worry about where their copy paper and toner is coming from. We have amazing teachers here in Medford, and the School Committee should create a budget that supports the things teachers need, as well as grant writing support to raise funds, so teachers can put their energy into teaching our children rather than worrying about supplies.


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