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$200,000 in Technology Replacement APPROVED! Next important meeting on Thursday!

The same request from the Mayor to the City Council to allocate $200,000 in Free Cash for school technology replacement was posted to the City Council agenda for tonight (6/18/19). If you recall from my previous update, the request appeared to have support at last week’s meeting but was tabled so that it could be considered in tandem with the larger school budget review. That review is scheduled for 6/20/19 at 5:45 pm in Rm 207 at City Hall.

Superintendent Edouard-Vincent and Asst. Supt. Kirsteen Patterson were on hand to answer questions and submitted a 9 page report to the Council outlining the technology needs of the District and the proposed use of the Free Cash funds.

The request passed, which will go a long way toward replacing our aging technology! This is very good news. Thank your favorite City Councilor for their support!

The Council noted a desire to continue supporting our schools and I will look at this issue again if elected to your School Committee. Our schools do not have enough technology. I do not believe there is any debate on this issue. The report provided by the Superintendent makes this clear. Regularly attend PTO meetings, and you’ll clearly hear this need expressed by parents as well.

I’d like to see our schools outline technology support goals including enhanced curricula in tech-related spaces. Once that goal is clear, we’ll be faced with the challenge of resourcing the goal, and need to be back to the Council with additional requests. The annual operating budget SHOULD be working to maintain our technology, but infusion of additional technology is another thing entirely. Onward!

A continued call to action: the Thursday meeting is still scheduled and important. It will cover the entire $63M budget. If you can attend I’ll see you there!

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